Service & Solution

Commerce Zone App Icon

Commerce Zone

Commerce zone App focuses in displaying commercial news within the zone. Users will be able to learn about the happenings in the market place without leaving the house. Users will save great many man hours in researching for best buys.

  • Shop news
  • Product news
  • Promotion Activities
  • Member shop
  • Users' Exchange
  • Members sharing
Departmental Mall App Icon

Departmental Mall

Mall App is the perfect marriage of network information and physical shop fronts. It allows the listing of products and brand promotion with ease. Users will experience speedy shopping and consultation services.

  • Branded Shop Front
  • Shopping Guide
  • Consumption Points Accumulation
  • Mobile Payment
  • Communication
  • Privileged Activities
Food & Beverages App Icon

Food & Beverages

The food & beverage industry is getting more competitive by the day. In order to emerge from the crowd one has to leverage on information technology for fast and easy method of brand promotion, advertising and promotion news dissemination.

  • Signature Dishes
  • Reservation
  • Mobile Reload and Payment Facility
  • Privilege Promotion on move
  • Diners’ Comment
  • Invitation and sharing
Hotels & Tour App Icon

Hotels & Tour

Travelling App has become the cross platform marketing star. Users can directly obtain travelling paraphernalia like hotel room offers, theme park entry tickets, travelling routes, air tickets etc.

  • Hotel Room Promotions
  • Theme Park Entry Tickets
  • Sightseeing Route
  • Place of Interest Details
  • Local Delicacies
  • Mobile Payment Gateway
E-Government Services App Icon

E-Government Services

More and more first line cities and municipalities are implementing mobile electronic services. Through the development of e-Government App,

  • Service Complain Bureau
  • Mobile Electronic Application Form
  • Mobile Inquiry Ticket
  • Service Personnel GPS Location
  • Internal Administration
  • Mobile Queue Sequence Service
Health & Medical App Icon

Health & Medical

Health & medical App will help more corporations establish links with smart phone users and middle to high income families. It is now a reality that medical consultation, various health tests, retrieval of medical records, obtaining a queue number and payment through mobile phone are available to the public.

  • Consultation via mobile phone
  • Queue reservation via mobile phone
  • Medical Record retrieval via mobile phone
  • Prescription via mobile phone
  • Mobile Payment Gateway
  • Health test via mobile phone
Clothing & Fashion App Icon

Clothing & Fashion

Marketing through mobile app is definitely a set trend. In the future, App could become the standard for corporate branding, while at the same time users will get a refreshing experience about modern designing concept and marketing approach.

  • Fashion Model viewing
  • Pre-ordering via mobile phone
  • Management of Advertisement
  • CPS members' promotion
  • API service
  • Comment
Hair & Beauty App Icon

Hair & Beauty

Beauty and hair dressing services is a trendy consumption industry. There is an increasing number of established chain-store giants through the employment of mobile apps offering personalized service such as VIP privileges, new hair styling selection, self-snap trial, appointment setting via mobile phone etc.

  • Preview of latest hair style
  • Appointment and Reservation through mobile
  • Credit reload and Payment through mobile
  • Promotion offers through mobile
  • Inquiry, Survey and Comment
  • Selection of hairstylist