Technology arises from need,
technology too can change lifestyle


The time of cloud technology has arrived. All one has to have is the access of a communication line and the whole world will be within one’s reach at any time.

The intelligent employment of cloud technology offers potential customers more convenience, significant reduction in production costs, higher security and breaking traditions with "collaborative" approach. Workplace will no longer be confined to an office, anywhere that can be connected to the Internet can be used as place of operations thereby increase productivity substantially.

Through cloud storage, all kinds of important information will get a higher level of protection with "offsite backup". Information sharing through cloud computing will not be limited to the need of desktop computers, any Internet-enabled device can be utilized for the management of information data thus work efficiency are multiplied.


Mobile Internet

There is no separation between people and the internet.

O2O(online to offline) on mobile internet is the most urgently needed marketing strategy for today’s businesses.

O2O means Online To Offline. Broadly it refers to the provision of merchant sales information or business opportunities on wired or wireless internet platform where ready buyers have gathered and transactions being completed via electronic payment, all being done "online", to the actual consumption of the goods or service in the normal world as "offline".

With the development of localization of online commerce, the connectivity between information and physical products, between online and offline becomes closer. O2O e-commerce site has therefore entering a new phase of importance. O2O model provides important benefits such as : promotion effectiveness can be traced, every transaction can be tracked. Compare to the conventional advertising method, O2O model shall be easier to scale up and bring in higher profits.

so (social) lo (location) mo (mobile) is components for O2O.



Human history has evident that almost all important technological revolutions were accompanied by media revolutions. Human activities essentially involve information exchange. The medium facilitating the information flow and its management will determine the difference in impact to you from the information received. All transformation of information flow medium has to be the change from the base - social networking is the same. Historically, the evolution of social networking has followed the "low cost alternative" principle. The rise and prominence of social networking is due to the continual reduction in time and costs in the involvement, alternatively it means the reduction of cost for the management and transmission of information.



Utilization of cloud computing for social interaction allows people to search and access required information instantaneously, which can be translated into a fast and easy two-way information exchange medium between businesses and consumers. Relying on this effective medium, business owners can capitalize on it to scale various promotional activities while the consuming public too can enjoy the satisfaction of timely information availability. Furthermore, the credibility and transparency of information received through this direct medium will surpass what the conventional media channels trying to provide.



Mobile Internet can be considered as the Internet 3.0 era. Sales volume of smart phones and tablet PCs worldwide surpassed that of personal computers in recent years because personal computers were deemed to be rather confining. This lends credence to the fact that people can tolerate only transient confinement and in the end freedom still reign high. With the advent of mobile internet, the exchange of information can be conducted anytime and anywhere, free from the confinement to a desk, augmented well for the modern mobile lifestyle.

SoLoMo Network Marketing Profit Model

SoLoMo network marketing provides three main profit revenue streams : Advertising profits, Sales profits and Channel profits.


Advertising Profits

Similar to traditional advertising and media agencies which help advertisers execute their advertising and promotion campaign for a fee, SoLoMo too receives such revenue. Internet advertising tends to be complicated, requires high investment and longer waiting duration for return. In addition, internet users usually harbor psychological resistance toward new development thereby rendering short term assessment on return on investment difficult to ascertain. Under SoLoMo environment, advertising is more convenient and reliable. Using the "push" function in the website, information is sent to target customers easily, saving time and effort. As smart phone has many application abilities, inserting screen display of advertisement become easy as well . In recent years, the cooperation between Jiebang and major brands such as Levi's and Starbucks in setting up physical shops as registration points to distribute registration incentive rewards (including physical prizes and virtual badges or discount vouchers etc.) had effectively raised users participation tremendously. This can be considered as the prototype advertising model. of SoLoMo. Future advertising model from SoLoMo will be more comprehensive and complete with more unique social characteristics. For example, a SoLoMo advertising campaign can establish different advertising contact locations to gather a certain number of users, incentives will be given to those who register with their friends and associates together at the same time; it may create a rush to the event destinations. The phenomena may even attract media attention.


Sales Profits

Internet sales do not differ from traditional sales, the core content is still the product. SoLoMo has revolutionary intent for promotion of mobile e-commerce. One of the internet giants Ali Baba initiated the development of her own "cloud OS" cloud operating system, and in July 2011 launched the "Ali cloud" mobile phone. The phone integrated Alibab's e-commerce services including a set of data backup, a variety of Web APP-based data services and Alibaba's core applications such as Taobao and Alipay. This initiative can be seen as e-commerce turning into SoLoMo. Riding on matured profit platforms like Taobao and Alipay, the strategic merger of e-commerce and mobility will have pioneer status in this emerging marketing


Channel Profits

Channel profit model lies in the size of user database. Sina and Tencent QQ have hundreds of millions of registered users from which they can derive huge profits easily. Channel profit model utilizing SoLoMo concept is undoubtedly an emerging strategic market to be tapped on. BCG Washington general manager Brad Loftus revealed that the U.S. department store chain Nordstrom, after the re-launch of their online store which has included consumer forum, community sites and user comment, attained four fold growth in consumers spending from the combined results of their online and offline stores as compared to their previous single channel revenue. In the first nine months of 2010, Nordstrom's online sales grew by 26%, while its physical store sales growth only 8.9%. More and more businesses have indeed achieved rapid growth through the integration of multi-channel consumer contact approach.

Asset-light Operating Mode + Mobile Internet = World is Flat

All businesses ultimately strive to obtain maximum returns on the limited resources they have. In the present rapid changing economic scenario being "lighter" is no longer an option. In the asset-light model, companies should only focus on their core competencies​​, while non-core businesses such as logistics, production and other being outsourced. "Asset-light strategy" mode is a value-driven capital strategy. It is the new corporate strategy emerged from the combined effect of the internet age and the knowledge economy era.

The future entails the need to realign social structures with human behavioral patterns into the new asset-light business model and combine with word of mouth propagation to create a new platform for mobile Internet business ecosystem.

On the platform, traders, users, members and consumers can interchange role at will. The platform also allows building of personal branding while at the same time facilitate value products to be purchased. The time has come to break free from the vertical commerce formation and adopt a flat structure in this asset-light era which provider equal competitive opportunity to the big and small at the same time.

World is Flat
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