About Us

SPIDER COMM is the specialist in providing businesses with internet marketing solutions through Digital Information Technology. We provide our customers with detail customized solutions instead of just technical architecture and applications, because we understand that no single program could be used by different customers to attain respective career success.

The next business trend will be the blend between ASSET LIGHT STRATEGY and MOBILE INTERNET, mobile interface [mobile APPLICATION] will be the future Internet gateway. In this mobile Digital information era, we aspire to assist more companies to be more competitive in the market place.

Embracing creativity as our core standard, SPIDER COMM is set to hire the new generation IT industry's top talents to render business remodeling with latest technology. The ultimate objective is to empower our customers to become more outstanding enterprises.

Our Mission


Innovating and reinventing are the origins of our beginning. The same values are encapsulated in the motto of our business as well. Our mission is to enable our customers in achieving their goals and objectives through creation of new ideas and business remodeling with existing resources.

Core Strengths


One to provide enterprises with the best customized solutions


Two technology platforms; mobile interface and desktop interface are interchangeable.


Three relentless business attributes we possessed
Foresight: Ability to foresee the coming trends.
Reinventing: Reinventing of existing operation procedures
Innovation: Using creativity to achieve customer’s business goals.